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What Are Domain Names?

Domain names are web addresses, in their most basic form.

Domain names are strings of characters (letters or numbers) followed by a dot, followed by an extension such as "com" or "net".

Several years ago, it was easy to get good domain names. Then, businesspeople discovered that they could make a lot of money by building websites and using them to sell products or services. The demand for good domain names went up. The supply went down. And people who had good ones started selling them.

What Are Good Domain Names?

There are many factors that determine the quality of domain names. They are generally better if they:
  • Are short, catchy and memorable.
  • Sound the way people talk.
  • Are not awkwardly constructed.
  • Appeal to a large number of people.
  • Make sense.
  • Evoke purpose.
  • Can be readily grasped without being spelled or explained.
We don't register or sell domain names that are excessively long. Also, we don't offer domain names with digits unless they correspond to ones that don't. (It's good to acquire names that sound alike. Domain names can be "redirected," to other domain names. Then, if a person enters the wrong spelling, it doesn't matter. For example, you can spell out in full and still end up at her site.) And we don't register names that, despite being short, are not easily understood.


It is not our intention to use this site to promote one ideology at the expense of another. We offer many domain names that can be used to argue either side of an issue.
At the same time, we do not deal in domain names that:
  • Use foul language.
  • Are pornographic, blasphemous or racist in nature.
  • Are likely to provoke hatred against an identifiable group.
  • Include trademarks that belong to other individuals or organizations.

About Us

This page was written, designed and HTML-scripted by Howard Earle Halpern, Toronto writer and President, A Site To Behold TM. My involvement in buying and selling domain names results from my love of language and interest in how words and phrases motivate people.

My office is located at 167 Pannahill Road, Downsview, Ontario, Canada M3H 4N6. "Downsview" is a postal zone within the community of North York, in the city of Toronto — fourth largest in US/Canada after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Services are offered at various locations in Greater Toronto.

I hold an M.A. in psychology from the University of Regina (Saskatchewan) and am certified by the international, Florida-based Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. My articles and poems appear in the Ontario Psychologist and various consumer magazines including Information Highways, where I published a column titled "Commerce on the Internet" in 1996. For further information, please consult my detailed biography.

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