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1996 - pres.  Information Technology Specialist
  • Manage WANs and LANs for all Canada.
  • Won Chairman's Award (1997) and "Sharing The Success" Award (1998) in recognition of demonstrated contribution to company's bottom line.
  • Cited by superior for "excellent technical ability. . . .  Everton is very dependable and . . . reliable. We have had no need to ever follow up with Everton on work assignments. . . .  well liked and respected by all his co-workers."
  • Saved $5,000 per year by negotiating favourable contracts for purchase of printers, related supplies, and service.
  • Reduced down time for client firm, during disaster, by devising and implementing emergency preparedness strategy. Specifically, restored normal operation of computers within 24 hours of onset of fire. Accomplished by:
    • Establishing back-up server.
    • Giving staff clear instructions as to specific tasks required in case of emergency.
    • Motivating staff, in advance, to take appropriate action.

  • Trained 200 staff at all levels (clerk to CEO), as we migrated from one operating system to the next. E.g., DOS to Win 3.1, to Win 95, 98, NT 3.5/4.0. As result:
    • Staff are comfortable, competent and productive in the use of all required systems and applications.
    • Downtime decreased 80%, for many reasons, including the fact that staff were motivated to solve problems themselves, rather than relying on technicians. In fact, our employees started to enjoy using the technology, rather than considering it a chore.
  • Helped save thousands of dollars in salaried time by enabling staff to work at home, rather than at work. My role was to establish ISDN and dial-up connections.
  • Opened new Montréal branch. Responsible for both strategic planning and implementation of two successful office moves.
  • Established extranet for corporate client.

1992-95  Network Support Analyst

  • Promoted from previous position in recognition of demonstrated creativity, initiative and diligence.
  • Helped ensure computers were working 99.9% of the time for 1,000 users. Accomplished by participating in planning and management of WANs and LANs, which included installation of bridges, routers and concentrators.
1989-92  Intermediate Operator
  • Promoted from previous position in recognition of ability to ensure all reports were generated and distributed on schedule.
  • Attained 100% completion rate as result of strategically allocating mainframe resources.
  • Saved thousands of dollars per year, by avoiding bank charges against defective magnetic codes on company-printed cheques. Accomplished by diligently monitoring calibration.
  • Ensured 100% integrity of databases during disaster.
1988-89  Junior Operator
  • Promoted from previous position in recognition of strong performance.
1987-88  Claims Processor

MCSE, 1999.  CNA, 1995-96.  CCNA (cand.).

Network Systems Engineer Diploma, Ontario Institute of Information Technology, Toronto, 1999.
Marketing Certificate, Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, 1987.
Ontario Secondary School Diploma, 1985.

Completed these courses:

  • Interpersonal Skills and Human Dynamics, Waterloo Management Education Centre, Waterloo, Ontario, 1994.
  • Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines, SkillPath, Inc., Toronto, 1993.
  • Productive Workstyle, Quality Management Resources, Overland Park, Kansas, US, 1996.
Completed the following, at Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto:
  • Microcomputer Network Administration, 1992.
  • Local Area Network, 1991.
  • Business Telecommunications, 1991.
  • Marketing, 1987.

Maintain fitness by regularly cycling and playing basketball.  Enjoy travel.


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