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As technology transcends the capacity of those who created it, employers seek managers who have not only experience and achievement, but qualities that allow them to adjust to changing conditions. I believe I have these qualities. Early in my career at Oman ORIX Leasing Company SAOG, my superiors recognized that I had the capacity to increase business. They gave me the opportunity to show what I could do by successively promoting me to positions of greater responsibility, culminating in my role as General Manager.

The attached resume outlines the contribution I have made by adapting creatively to rapidly-changing markets in the fiercely competitive financial industry. For example, when I transferred from Pakistan to Oman, where dealers control the leasing market, I had to completely revise my sales strategy. Furthermore, I adapted to new technologies by initiating the process and overseeing the team that profitably reengineered our entire IT department.

Today, the most successful companies build business by solidifying core relationships and earning loyalty. I developed rapport with dealers and corporate clientele by patiently listening to them, finding out what they needed but were not getting, and devising methods to deliver these benefits. To see how I used this approach in closing a deal with Toyota, please click here. I also built strong relationships with the staff I supervised at Oman ORIX by working alongside them, instead of remaining aloof and projecting an air of superiority. I showed them respect and was rewarded with their trust and loyalty. As employees demonstrated greater competence, I gave them increased responsibility and freedom, just as I was given these privileges.

My qualifications are detailed in the resume below. Please take a look at it and send me an to arrange an interview, so that we could discuss how I might best serve your organization.


Professional Profile
Senior executive with over 15 years' progressively responsible employment. Proven ability to turn around a significant decline in business, generating new sources of income, slashing costs, increasing profit, and building revenue. Demonstrated capacity to supervise, delegate, and motivate. Well-developed skill in negotiation, sales, marketing, and strategic analysis. Established long-term relationships with key partners. Oversaw reengineering of IT structure, enhancing corporate efficiency.

Oman ORIX Leasing Company SAOG
October 2002 February 2006  General Manager, Muscat, Oman January 1999 September 2002  Senior Manager, Business Development
(formerly Credit and Marketing), Muscat, Oman June 1997 - December 1998  Manager, Credit and Marketing, Muscat, Oman July 1995 - May 1997  Manager, Credit and Marketing, Karachi, Pakistan July 1992 - January 1994, October 1994 - June 1995  Assistant Manager,
Credit and Marketing, Karachi, Pakistan October 1990 - June 1992  Officer, Credit and Marketing, Karachi, Pakistan

DHL Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. (international courier)
April - September 1994  Territory Sales Manager, Karachi, Pakistan, 6 mo.

MBA in Financial Management, Southeastern University USA, Washington DC, 1995 BComm, University of Karachi, Pakistan, 1988
MA in Political Science, University of Karachi, Pakistan, 1993

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