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I n t r o d u c t i o n

    How does one make an office run smoothly, like a well-oiled machine?

    By understanding its components and their interrelationships, for example, the different kinds of equipment necessary to run a modern office, how they are used, how they interact and interface.

    By understanding not only modern equipment, like computers, modems, fax machines, photocopiers, but also older kinds of equipment, like typewriters. By understanding not only when to use computers, but also when typewriters work faster and better and when the human hand works faster and better than the typewriter.

    By understanding not only the machinery, but the people who use them. By understanding how they feel about the technology they use. By understanding the conditions under which they use them best.

    I have been making things run smoothly at Shell Canada for more than ten years. I understand machines, and I like machines. But it's my understanding of people that has made possible the kinds of success documented in my résumé, detailing a progressively responsible administrative career at Shell and elsewhere. Many listen. I listen and acknowledge. It's one thing to be heard, but another to know you're being heard. I think, then determine better and faster ways of doing things. When something goes wrong, I discover the misunderstanding that caused the problem and clarify it.

    This is how I saved $100,000 and increased productivity 40% at Shell. This is how I upgraded 5 positions, significantly improving morale. This is how I anticipated a question from our President, ensuring it was answered before it was asked. This is how I recommended, for an incident centre, a new location that was subsequently approved by management, saving both time and money. This is how I significantly reduced absenteeism through informal and formal counselling to subordinate staff.

    And this is how I can help you. Please have a look at the following résumé, and send me an to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time.

R é s u m é    o f     W e n d y    L e e     T h u r m a n

I make things run smoothly.
  • More than 10 years' administrative employment at Shell Canada (Toronto and Calgary) and Canadian Pacific Express and Transport (Toronto).
  • Received 4 administrative promotions at Shell, culminating in Supervisor, Administration, Public Affairs.

  • Saved $100,000 and increased productivity 40% by streamlining administrative systems, completely restructuring public affairs department.
  • Directly served President and senior management team.
  • Improved morale by re-writing job descriptions. RESULT: five positions upgraded. Suggested this task to management.

  • Managed $230,000 budget. Helped prepare $13 million budget.
  • Anticipated question from incoming President on emergency response planning. Answer provided in writing before question asked.
  • For SHELL INTERNATIONAL, streamlined distribution of correspondence and publications.

  • As team member, recommended location for new emergency response center. Site subsequently approved by senior management. Saved time and money.
  • Saved money by upgrading office equipment, improving efficiency.
  • Capitalized on knowledge of other cultures (gleaned through extensive travel) to effectively serve customers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Calmed 95% of irate callers by acknowledging concerns, providing reassurance, and following up.
    • Exceeded expectations by running interference for marketing dept.
  • Coordinated new office layout for 30 staff during head office relocation from Toronto.
  • Successfully organized yoga course for fitness center.

  • Supervised 25 staff; hired and trained 15.
    • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity through effective counselling. Consistently received positive feedback.
    • Resolved conflicts among support staff and between staff and management, negotiating
      "win-win" agreements. Example: resolved disagreement over Christmas cards from President by suggesting UNICEF cards as compromise.

May 95 - pres. Provide administrative services for non-profit organizations helping unemployed persons, Toronto, 10 hrs/wk:
  • Operation Bootstrap.
    • Persuaded 7 persons to join.
    • Provide informal counselling.
  • Executive Advancement Resource Network.
    • Persuaded 11 persons to join.

MS Word 6.0 for Windows, Seneca College.
MS Windows and MS Excel for Windows, Academy of Learning.

May 88 - May 94 Supervisor, Administration, Public Affairs Dept., Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary.
Aug. 87 - Apr. 88 Group Leader, Administration, Public Affairs Department, Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary.

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